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  /  Dr. Aneliya Karadzhinova-Ferrer

Dr. Aneliya Karadzhinova-Ferrer

Dr. Aneliya Karadzhinova-Ferrer is a leading expert in Radiation-Hard Particle Detectors. She specializes in their research and development, characterization and implementation for projects such as the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Experiment at the CERN laboratory. Throughout her career, international scientific outreach has been a key to her success. She has built collaborative networks in the Italian, Spanish, Swiss, Finnish, Croatian, Slovenian and Chinese Particle Detector research communities.

Dr. Karadzhinova-Ferrer obtained a Nuclear Engineering B.Sc from the University of Plovdiv, and a Masters in Particle Physics from Sofia University. After completing her studies in Bulgaria, she was employed as a Researcher at the cutting edge Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) laboratory. While working on building next generation tools needed to characterize Silicone and GEM Foil detectors for HIP, she was not only able to empress her superiors into offering her a PhD student position at the University of Helsinki but also obtain the esteemed Particle Physics and Universe Sciences (PAPU) Doctoral Scholarship due to the excellence demonstrated in her work.

After successfully defending her PhD, Dr. Karadzhinova-Ferrer was recruited to join the PaRaDeSEC ERA Chair Project, “Expanding Potential in Particle and Radiation Detectors, Sensors and Electronics in Croatia”. PaRaDeSEC is part of Horizon 2020 ERA Chair Project, a European Union program intended to expand scientific facilities and the research capabilities of under developed EU nations. The project was designed to bring Foreign Senior Scientist to the Zagreb based Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) to build a facility focused on semiconductor radiation detectors and related data acquisition electronics. An exception was made to the Senior Scientist requirement in order to bring Dr. Karadzhinova-Ferrer on to the team due to her extensive skill set, knowledge base and track record of accomplishment.

As the PaRaDeSEC Laboratory Coordinator, assembling and commissioning the facility’s equipment has been a core element of Dr. Karadzhinova-Ferrer work on the team, however it has not been her sole contribution. Scientific outreach as well as continued research and develop of detectors have been a crucial elements in validating, justifying and promoting the Detector Laboratory with the added benefit of increasing RBI’s international exposure.

As a Research Fellow on the team, collaborations between many international particle physics communities and PaRaDeSEC have been established and strengthened during Dr. Karadzhinova-Ferrer’s travels across Europe and around the world. From China to Spain, from Finland to Italy, and from Switzerland to Slovenia, her work in conjunction with her team members and her partners at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, has proved that with expertise, along with quality funding support, major impacts on the capabilities of scientific research can be achieved.

Day 1
December 10, 2019 13:30-15:00
Panelist, Second panel